Compact Detachable Chinese Prefab Houses

Compact Detachable Chinese Prefab Houses are innovative housing solutions, featuring easy-to-assemble modules, portability, and modern design. Ideal for efficient space utilization, they offer a sustainable, cost-effective alternative for contemporary living.
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Compact Detachable Chinese Prefab Houses

pitch roof detachable container

Feature of Cbox Pitch Roof Detachable Container House

•  Adaptability: The detachable prefab container house can be easily disassembled and reassembled, providing the flexibility to relocate or adjust your home as needed.

•  Efficiency: Detachable prefab homes streamline the building process, offering a quicker and more cost-effective solution than traditional construction methods.

•  Quality: The container house from China typically showcases superior craftsmanship and innovative design, ensuring a durable and stylish living space.

•  Sustainability: The prefab home design minimizes environmental impact, utilizing materials and methods that reduce waste and energy consumption.

•  Versatility: The detachable home concept allows for various configurations and customizations, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

C-BOX Project

container office

Office:Removable, Expandable, Reusable, 20 Years Life
Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Office
Application: Temporary offices in construction sites, office built in workshops, low-cost outdoor offices.
Advantages: Short installation time, 1-15 days, depending on the project, a single container office only needs one day to complete the installation. 

container hospital

Cabin Hospital: Fast, Durable, Safe
Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Cabin Hospital
Application: Responding to a sudden illness that results in the need to isolate patients or expand the hospital.
Advantages: The installation time is short, 7-20 days, depending on the project. We have participated in or independently completed 15 makeshift hospital projects, including the famous project Huoshenshan Hospital.

container dormitory

Dormitory: Fast, Fully Furnished, Stable

Type: Flat Pack Prefab Container Dormitory

Application: Due to site conditions, or the need to build a dormitory in a short period of time.

Advantages: Short installation time, 2-15 days, depending on the project. We can provide a variety of supporting facilities, such as beds, air conditioners, tables and so on.

C-BOX Service

container van house philippines

Free Design Service:CAD + Effect Drawing
More than 15 designers and engineers, while providing professional advice, can also ensure compliance with customer requirements.

container van house

Customized Service:Size, Appearance, Color, Material, etc., Can be customized
According to customer requirements, we can also customize the thickness of steel, appearance color, anti-rust treatment, wall panels, bottom plates, etc.

container homes from china

Loading Service: if there are other goods, we can help to load
If customers have purchased products from other places and need to be loaded together, we can provide container loading services for free

C-BOX Prefab Container House

Note:All our products can be customized, if you need better configuration, or other special requirements, please consult our staff.

detachable container house

Steel: Q235B Stainless Steel, 2.3mm
Q235B has certain elongation, strength, good toughness and castability, easy to punch and weld, and is widely used in the manufacture of general mechanical parts. It is mainly used for welded structural parts with high quality requirements in construction and bridge engineering.

1. Bottom frame corners
2. Bottom frame secondary beam (12*2.0 C-shaped steel)
3. Bottom frame long side beam (5635mm)
4. Cement fiber board (18mm)
5. 2mm PVC Carpet
6. Column cover  (2600mm)
7. Column (2535mm)
8. UPVC windows + anti-theft net
9. Ceiling color steel plate
10. Glass wool insulation layer
11. Roofing color steel plate (0.45mm)
12. Top frame secondary beam
13. Top frame long side beam (5635mm)
14. Top frame corners
15. Top frame short side beam (2690mm)
16. Top frame secondardy beams
17. Top frame long side beam (5635mm)
18. Column (2535mm)
19. 50mm diamater drain pipe
20. Rock wool sandwich panel(50mm)
21. Skirting lines
22. Bottom tie beam square tube
23. Bottom frame short side beam (2690mm)

Anti-rust: Spray Paint(110μ/㎡) + Galvanized
The anti-corrosion treatment of many suppilers is only made of spray paint, and the density is only 80μ/㎡, which may rust in 2-3 years, resulting in a significant reduction in service life. But we will do galvanize first, and then spray 110μ/㎡ anti-rust paint, which can usually reach 10 years of anti-rust time. Greatly provides longevity.

detachable prefab container house

container house floor
Wall + Floor:Choose high-quality fire and moisture-proof materials
Wall panel: rock wool/glass wool color steel plate.Fire rating: Class A; Water-proof rating: Class AFloor: PVC+glass magnesium board or PVC+cement.It has very good hardness, and it is also a fireproof and Water-proof material

Window and Door: Steel Doors + Aluminium Alloy Window
Steel Doors:Use high-quality stainless steel doors, 10 years without rustAluminium Alloy Window:Durable, no rust, easy to install
We have different configuration options, please contact our sales for details.
detachable prefab homes

C-BOX's Strength

cbox factory
cbox office
container hospital
32,000㎡ Production Base & Over 1200 Staffs
Top-5 Prefab Container House Supplier in China
Participated in the construction of Huoshenshan Hospital

cbox certificate

Attached below certification codes for checking:

Cetrification No:  HTT190405290L
Cetrification No:  HG19Q0058R0M
Utility Patent
Utility Patent No:  ZL 2015 2 0608859.0
Alibaba Verified
Verified Type: Multispecialty Supplier


1. How much manpower and time does it take to install the container?
2 hours + 4 workers=1 unit

2. What tools and equipment do I need to prepare for the installation of container?
Crane, hand saw, hand drill, hexagonal screwdriver, rubber hammer, utility knife, hole saw, non-slip gloves, glass glue gun, tape measure, medical box, marker, foot ladder, spirit level.

3. How many days is your fastest lead time?
This depends on the quantity. If it is a regular size, our lead time is generally 7-15 days after receiving the deposit

4. Can you customize colors?
We are happy to accept color customization. The regular color of our boxes is white, which is popular and well received by customers all over the world. You can also provide the color card number for our reference. What color do you like?

5. What is the largest size that can be made?
The maximum can be 4m*8m, and the 8m surface is equipped with wind-resistant columns to support the top and bottom beams. What kind of functions and requirements are you based on?

6. What is your payment method?
Our payment method is generally TT (wire transfer), 30% deposit, and the remaining 70% paid before shipment.

7. Does your product leak water?
There are quite a number of domestic manufacturers, due to lack of professionalism and irresponsibility for quality, which leads to the problem of water leakage in the box.
So far, our company has never experienced water leakage problems in overseas orders.

8. Do you need a foundation?
If the land will not subside, there is basically no need to lay foundations. According to different geological conditions, our company will provide guidance and suggestions. If you buy container from us, we will give you complete foundation drawings and we will have video instructions for installation.

9. Can I add an extra roof please?
Roofs can be added, and we can send you some pictures of roofing cases we have done before for your selection and reference. Do you want to add a roof based on wind resistance requirements, thermal insulation requirements or aesthetic requirements?

10. How are your container house insulated?
Wall panels are made of 50mm rock wool sandwich panels, and can be upgraded to 75mm and 100mm thickness, which i s better for extreme cold and hot weather

11. Can the floor be covered with insulation?
Yes, no problem.

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Leave a message
If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.