• Nov , 24 2022

    2022 Qatar World Cup Container Hotel From China Factory

    2022 Qatar World Cup Container Hotel From China Factory With the World Cup in Qatar, container hotels, a trendy way of living, are gradually becoming known to the public. The container house, I believe everyone's impression of it is a shelter hospital or a warehouse, but in fact, it can also be used as a hotel room. The standard size of a single container is 6000*3000*2800mm, which can be directly...
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  • Oct , 29 2022

    Steel Structure Workshop & Warehouse

    Guangdong Cbox Project——Yunnan Steel Structure Workshop & Warehouse click to see more The project is located in Yuxi, Yunnan, covering a total area of 40,650 square meters for workshops and storage warehouses. There are three buildings in total: Building 1: 92000*125000mm Building 2: 110000*125000mm Building 3: 110000*140000mm The project started construction in January 2021, was officially co...
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  • Sep , 23 2022

    What kind of building does a container building belong to?

    What kind of building does a container building belong to? What is container building? The container was originally just a simple means of transportation, but when people found that it could also be used for living, it was out of control. Container building is a new type of building, its development history is only more than 20 years, and container building has only entered our field of vision in ...
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  • Jul , 21 2022

    Residential Container Prefabs Are At The Forefront Of Green Buildings

    Residential Container Prefabs Are At The Forefront Of Green Buildings      The residential container is a building system that hits the fashion trend. It is no longer just a tool for transporting goods. Designers have widely used these huge steel containers in the field of construction.      It is no longer synonymous with roughness and cheapness. Its metamorphosis on...
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  • Jun , 30 2022

    Features of Portal Steel Structure

    The Portal Steel Structure is a flat-type structure made of steel. It is composed of variable-section columns and variable-section inclined beams, and is a combination of beam-column element components. Features of Portal Steel Structure: 1. Embody the characteristics of light, fast and efficient steel structure, and apply new energy-saving and environmentally friendly building materials 2. Realiz...
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  • May , 30 2022

    Why build the container house?

    Why build the container house?      Whether it is a real estate building power supply or a construction site such as a transportation construction, generally before the project starts, the accommodation problem of the workers will be solved first. The residential container has become the most popular form of living on the construction site.      At present, the reside...
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  • Apr , 26 2022

    Design Sharing——Detachable Container Office

         In this era of rapid development of computers and networks, people are no longer constrained by fixed office hours and locations. The office location is not necessarily in a busy, noisy city.      In recent years, container construction has been booming all over the world, and it has brought great value to human beings during the epidemic. The container house is ...
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  • Mar , 31 2022

    Design Sharing——2 Story 5 containers office

    Design Sharing——2 Story 5 containers office This office is composed of five containers. The three container houses on the first floor are three small offices for ordinary employees. The second floor is composed of two independent offices with balconies and glass curtain walls. The office on the second floor is used as a meeting room to entertain visiting customers. The glass curtain wall can make ...
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  • Feb , 19 2022

    Why more and more maneger use container house to be the worker dormitory house?

    With the development of capital construction projects (roads, railways, bridges), the influx of workers has increased the demand for temporary housing. So why would they rather choose a container house as a temporary house than an ordinary iron house? First of all, the composition of the iron sheet house is a thick layer of iron sheet, there is no thermal insulation material in the middle, so it c...
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