Travelling with your flat pack container house
Mar 26,2020

Travelling with your flat pack container house

What is Flat pack container house?

Flat pack container is a multi-function standard container, which dimensions conform to the ISO container transportation. It is a prefabricated building structure composed of roof, floor and pillars. This structure enables the containers to combine in longitudinal and transverse directions without limits, or be stacked in 2 floors or 3 floors in height.

20 ft flat pack container house

What  is the  Characteristics ?

1) The house is movable and portable by crane or forklift.
2) Compared with the civil building, easy construction, low cost, time-saving, labor saving and convenient transportation.
3) The steel structures make the house resisting heavy wind of 120 km/h and 7 grade earthquakes.
4) It has a good fire proof, noise proof and heat insulation performance.
5) Anti worm and ant. All the steel structure is painted and anti-rust which can be normally used for more than 15 years without any building garbage.
6) Outside the house, you can stick the PVC or PU decoration sheet.
7) Environment materials, it can be assembled and disassembled six times.
8)6 people one team, one day can install more than 7 sets.

flat pack container house

The Advantage :Easy Transportation、Fast Construction、Flexible Combination、Cost Saving、Green & Sustainable

Flat-pack house, one type of most popular modular houses, is designed by using the steel frame and light-weight wall panels system. Flat-pack house consists of 1 top frame, 1 bottom frames, 4 corner posts, and 14 pieces of exchangeable wall panels, and can be flattened for easy transportation.

20 foot flat pack container house


Flat-pack house can be used as office, accommodation, canteen, bathroom, and other big open spaces, to meet the needs of construction site, fieldwork camp, social housing, disaster site and other commercial purposes.

 flat pack container homecoffee flat pack container house

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