Why build the container house?

Why build the container house?

     Whether it is a real estate building power supply or a construction site such as a transportation construction, generally before the project starts, the accommodation problem of the workers will be solved first. The residential container has become the most popular form of living on the construction site.

     At present, the residential container is widely used in various buildings. Construction site.

     So what's so special about container houses?

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     1). The construction period of container houses is short.

     As we all know, construction sites need to solve the problem of workers' accommodation before construction starts. But in a new construction site, if a traditional building is used to build the workers' dormitory, the cycle will be very long, and the general construction site can't wait at all.
     The construction period of container houses is very short, and the materials can be directly placed on the construction site for installation. Generally, it can be completed in 3-5 days, without affecting the normal development of the construction period. So this is a big reason why many construction sites like container houses very much.

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     2). Cost-effective

Compared with the cost of other building structures, container houses are very cheap. If they are leased, they may only cost 1 US dollar a day.
     At the same time, after completion, it can also be recycled twice, which is very energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The workers' dormitory on the construction site is temporary. Generally, after the project is completed, it is useless, so there is no need to use the traditional brick-concrete structure or other structures, so the construction site will use more cost-effective container houses.

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     3). Durable

Maybe everyone's understanding of container houses in the past is that it is hot flashes in summer, cold in winter, and it is not comfortable at all to live in. However, with the continuous reform and innovation of container production materials, these problems have been solved.

     The current container houses are very durable, and the performance of windproof, sound insulation, heat insulation and cold resistance has been greatly improved, so it is relatively comfortable to live in.

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     Cbox covers a series of products such as steel structure workshops, flat pack container houses, detachable container houses, folding container houses, expandable container houses, portable toilets, etc.

     In addition, Cbox also provides services such as Design, Transportation, Installation, Shippment, and other one-stop solutions.
     After 15 years of hard work by the company's core team, it has obtained 46 invention patents and utility model patents.
     We take the need of customers as the base, green safe, economical, and comfortable living experience as the root and development of the industry as the purpose.

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