• Cbox Holiday Notice
    Sep 30,2021.

    Cbox Holiday Notice

    Since the price of raw materials is rising now, and China has introduced a new policy of power and capacity restriction for factories, the working hours of factories are limited and the production capacity is limited, which has many uncertain factors. When you are interested in buying, don't hesitate to consult us for relevant product information as soon as possible. After all, time is money.
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  • Cbox Container House Team's water rave party

    Cbox Container House Team's water rave party

    In order to increase the happy moments among team members, we held a water rave party in Guangdong, China. Our toy is a kayak. Everyone is trying kayaking for the first time, it will be an unforgettable moment.Let Let's start warming up before the game,like it. We wear complete and safe equipment, ready to start, remember our decent moments first, after all, everyone will be wet after all The two of us operate the same kayak together, and we will splash water between different teams.Like it. Of course, unforgettable moments need to be carried by photos.Remember our handsome posture.Like it. This water game is very fun, welcome everyone to join us next time, maybe we can launch a new product-houseboat, I believe you can have more fun, what do you think?
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  • What are the benefits of building a house with a steel structure
    Apr 22,2020.

    What are the benefits of building a house with a steel structure

    Different designers and architects around the world have almost unanimously agreed upon the advantages that steel structure offers as a reliable construction material. Aside from the steel market’s rising market share, steel is one of the most sustainable and versatile materials that can be used for building just about anything. What are the benefits of building a house with a steel structure Economic pricing Perhaps one of the biggest draws to using steel as a construction material is the amazing potential for cost savings. With steel structure, productivity advances can be achieved that save money for business owners and customers alike. The price of steel has continued to fall in the past decades, and today, steel contractors can be tendered in very large numbers. Because of the economic pricing of steel, customers can have a better sense of confidence in the assurance that they will be given proper value for their dollar. Adaptability In addition to being economically viable, steel is also highly adaptable. As a construction material, steel can be freely manipulated in order to meet all of the specifications that the owner desires for the final construction. In the event that the owner decides that they want to make adjustments to the interior layouts of any building, steel walls can be effortlessly adjusted and repositioned to either widen or tighten spaces relatively quickly. The ability to quickly make adjustments to steel material allows for a much easier time making any adjustments during the construction process, along with a better forecast for the lifespan of the final construction. Durability One of the most obvious advantages to using steel for the construction of anything is the extremely durable nature of the material. Out of all of the different materials that can be used for construction, steel is almost indisputably one of the most resistant to damage of any kind. Blizzards, earthquakes, gale force winds, and heavy rain are all things that steel can stand strong in the face of with much more defense than weaker materials. In addition to being incredibly tough, steel is also able to resist rusting and the invasion of mold and insect infestation. Ductile qualities Unlike certain buildings that are made up of wood textiles, steel has many more ductile capabilities. Steel is not susceptible to distortion, rotation, warping or splintering. Even with all of its ductile qualities, steel can still be easily transformed into a wider range of different shapes and sizes without compromising any of the structural integrity in the process. Structural steel fabrication can be undergone with complete preservation of the steel’s toughness. Cbox has 29 factories to ensure the output of steel structure production capacity, provide installation and after-sale services for all customers, and set up 5 overseas branches around the world. If you are interested, please contact us immediately
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  • Vulcan Mountain is not profitable only to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible
    Mar 2,2020.

    Vulcan Mountain is not profitable only to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible

    On the tenth day of the new year, the first batch of 400 container-type insulation board houses produced by cbox was shipped to Wuhan, and the general manager Zhang Ran immediately continued the production of the second batch of more than 3,000 board houses. At the same time, Zhang Ran continued to receive demand from various parties. Due to the rapid development of the epidemic, the demand for the construction of centralized hospitals in some parts of the country has surged. Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan have all placed orders with Zhonghui Holdings. "Facing the demand for temporary centralized hospitals for the construction of cities in the South China region, we will strive to complete product production before the 15th of this month." In an interview, Zhang Ran was nervously directing production at the site of the Jiangmen Heshan production base. Talking about the value of the container ward project of Vulcan Mountain Hospital to Zhonghui Holdings, she said that all the finished products were only recovered at the cost price, and there was no profit at all. Even for this project, the group also suspended other domestic and foreign projects. Therefore, the construction of the isolation ward of Vulcan Mountain Hospital is more of a social responsibility and responsibility. It was this responsibility and responsibility that allowed Zhang Ran to gain a more cohesive team and win the trust of overseas customers. Zhang Ran said that the company's projects in Indonesia and Malaysia were originally planned to be completed in February and March. Due to the redeployment of personnel to support the Vulcan Mountain project, the delivery was delayed. Since it was during the Spring Festival, she had not yet explained and communicated with her customers. Overseas customers took the initiative to send her online videos of Huoshanshan Hospital, and expressed their appreciation and appreciation for Zhonghui Group's participation in the hospital construction, and expressed understanding and acceptance of the delayed delivery. The client believes that the company's rapid and effective management and production capacity undertaking national projects has promoted future deepening cooperation between the two parties.
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  • Take the opportunity to cultivate the comprehensive strength
    Mar 2,2020.

    Take the opportunity to cultivate the comprehensive strength

    Cbox is China's largest integrated housing manufacturing company integrating R & D, production, wholesale and sales. Its container housing division has 22 branches across the country, with an annual output of more than 70,000. At present, many production bases are engaged in the production of container board houses in epidemic areas. In the past, most of the company's products were built to meet the needs of construction sites, cultural tourism and corporate offices, and it has only provided isolation ward containers for Africa. According to the construction requirements of Vulcan Mountain Hospital, the medical isolation ward container needs to meet the conditions of "quick and efficient construction and large-scale delivery and use". Zhonghui Holdings uses the "integrated module" production method. The ward container was shipped to the front line of Wuhan epidemic area, and logistics transportation became a key problem. According to Xu Chuan, a spokesperson for Zhonghui Holdings, "In terms of products, we have achieved a high degree of integration, leaving 95% of the processes to be completed at the factory.
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