• CBOX Celebrates The Lantern Festival With Customers

    CBOX Celebrates The Lantern Festival With Customers

    CBOX Celebrates The Lantern Festival With Customers The Lantern Festival, also known as the Yuanxiao Festival, is a traditional Chinese festival that falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month. It is a time to enjoy the bright moon, admire the colorful lanterns, eat sweet dumplings, and reunite with family and friends. CBOX Container House Company, a leading provider of prefabricated modular homes, wishes to share the joy and happiness of this festival with our customers. Our company expresses its gratitude and appreciation for the trust and support of its clients, who have made CBOX a successful and innovative enterprise in the container house industry. CBOX Container House Company hopes that the glow of lanterns will illuminate the path of its customers with prosperity and good fortune. The company also hopes that the warmth of family and friends will surround its customers, filling their hearts with joy and happiness. The company believes that this festival will mark the beginning of a year filled with abundance, success, and harmony for its customers and their loved ones. CBOX Container House Company invites its customers to visit its website, www.cbox.com, to learn more about its products and services, and to contact its friendly and professional staff for any inquiries or feedback. The company also offers a special discount for customers who place orders during the Lantern Festival period. CBOX Container House Company sincerely wishes its customers and their loved ones a blessed Lantern Festival!
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  • CBOX Company Resumes Work on the 8th Day of the Lunar Chinese New Year

    CBOX Company Resumes Work on the 8th Day of the Lunar Chinese New Year

    CBOX Company Resumes Work on the Eighth Day of the Lunar New Year Dear Valued Customers, We hope this message finds you well and that your New Year celebration was filled with joy and happiness. We are excited to announce that our CBOX company, a factory that develops container houses, has ended the holiday and resumed work on the eighth day of the lunar new year. The resumption of work marks the end of our New Year's holiday, which we spent with our families and friends, celebrating the Year of the Dragon and expressing our gratitude and wishes. We also took this opportunity to recharge our energy and enthusiasm, and prepare ourselves for the new challenges and opportunities ahead. As always, we uphold our commitment to transparency and open communication, providing you with regular updates throughout each stage of your project. We remain fully committed to delivering quality products and exceptional service with every order. Thank you for your trust and confidence in us. We appreciate your continued business and look forward to serving you in the years to come. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We wish you all a happy and prosperous Year of the Dragon! Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited 我们也借此机会补充能量和热情,为未来新的挑战和机遇做好准备。 我们希望您能收到此消息,并希望您的新年庆祝活动充满欢乐和幸福。 CBOX公司大年初八复工
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  • CBOX Tea Time Before The Spring Festival!

    CBOX Tea Time Before The Spring Festival!

    CBOX Tea Time Before The Spring Festival! As the Chinese lunar year comes to an end, our CBOX CONTAINER held a cozy afternoon tea party before the Spring Festival. The party was a chance to celebrate the company's growth and success over the past year, as well as to express gratitude and appreciation to the employees. During the party, Ranny, the president of CBOX company delivered an inspiring speech, reviewing the company's performance and achievements in 2023, and outlining the company's vision and goals for 2024. She thanked the employees for their hard work and contribution and praised them for their creativity and innovation. She also encouraged them to continue to pursue excellence and customer satisfaction in the new year. The employees also enjoyed various fun games and activities, exchanging greetings and wishes with each other. Everyone received a warm gift from the company, and the most exciting part was that the Ranny surprised the employees with a special gift that could preserve their value - gold beads! The gold beads symbolized the value and wealth of the employees and the company, and also showed the boss's generosity and care. The employees were thrilled and touched by the gift, and expressed their gratitude and pride to the boss and the company. The party ended with Ranny's heartfelt wishes to all the employees.  We CBOX hope all of you guys will have a happy, safe, and healthy Spring Festival, and looking forward to working with you in the new year to create more brilliant results.
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  • CBOX Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    CBOX Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    CBOX Spring Festival Holiday Notice Dear CBOX Customer: Thank you very much for your support to Guangdong CBOX for the whole year. Our factory and production workers will be on holiday from February 1, 2024, to February 16, 2024, during which standard container houses can be produced but non-standard container houses cannot be produced. During this period, our sales engineers are still sticking to their posts to answer customers' questions. Welcome to contact our colleagues for a consultation! In addition, our sales engineers will be on SPRING FESTIVAL HOLIDAY from February 9, 2024, to February 16, 2024. During this period, all workers and sales engineers will be on holiday, but sales engineers can still answer questions online. Please feel free to contact our colleagues, and we will reply to you in time with information! Guangdong CBOX wishes you a happy SPRING FESTIVAL HOLIDAY and all the best in the New Year!!! Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited Sharon 2024年2月1日至2024年2月16日
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  • CBOX Container House In The Turkey Kahramanmaras

    CBOX Container House In The Turkey Kahramanmaras

    CBOX Container House In The Turkey Kahramanmaras It’s been nearly a year since cbox sold container houses shipped to Turkey, so let’s take a look at how Turkey’s reconstruction plan is progressing Kahramanmaras in southeastern Turkey built multiple "container communities" using containers after the earthquake. There are schools, banks, supermarkets, laundry rooms, pharmacies and other places in the community. The large "container community" is built with more than 2,500 container houses and can accommodate 7,000 people. The size of this container house is a non-standard size of 3*7 meters. It is a design plan issued by CBOX based on the specific local conditions in Turkey. This size can usually accommodate a family of three. The internal layout is a living room, a separate bathroom, and a bedroom. and open kitchen, which are very convenient to use. So what are the benefits of container houses in earthquake relief? Let’s find out together. 1. Safe and stable, strong earthquake resistance During an earthquake, many people are left without a place to live. Container houses are galvanized steel structures with good earthquake resistance. They can be used as safe havens to reduce secondary damage. 2. Can be put into use quickly The roof, ground, and circuit system of the container house are completely prefabricated in the factory, which shortens the transportation, installation, and construction time. After the earthquake, the resettlement problem of the affected people is very urgent., so the use of container houses can achieve quick move-in. Among them, the folding container house has the fastest transportation and installation speed, and is very suitable for use in earthquake areas! After the container house is used, it can be recycled without generating construction waste and causing a waste of resources. 3. High living comfort Before there were container houses, tents were often used to avoid natural disasters. Compared with container houses, the safety and comfort were much worse. The container house can be equipped with toilets, bathrooms, etc. After the water and electricity are connected, it is no different from living at home. It is clean, tidy and comfortable! To sum up, container houses play an important role in earthquake relief and provide a safe shelter to people in the earthquake area. May the Turkish people rebuild their homeland as soon as possible! 这个尺寸通常可以容纳一个三口之家。 土耳其东南部的卡赫拉曼马拉斯地震后利用集装箱建造了多个“集装箱社区”。 其中折叠集装箱房的运输和安装速度最快,非常适合在地震地区使用! 集装箱房的屋顶、地面、电路系统完全在工厂预制,缩短了运输、安装、施工时间。 土耳其卡赫拉曼马拉斯 CBOX 集装箱房
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  • Container Houses Are More Practical Than You Think!

    Container Houses Are More Practical Than You Think!

    Container Houses Are More Practical Than You Think! As we all know, the application of container houses is very common and suitable for many places. This is mainly because these container houses are standardized, easy to move, convenient, and quick to load and unload, and are widely used in different industries. Affordable container homes originally began as temporary dormitories or offices for construction workers. In the future, it will continue to develop toward a colorful, centralized, and modular development trend and be more fully applied. Post-disaster reconstruction of emergency housing: Container houses have the advantages of convenient transportation, easy loading and unloading, soundproof, waterproof, rainproof, and earthquake resistance. They can enable regional government centers to quickly build high-quality mobile emergency housing at a relatively cheap price and reduce the survival problems of mobile housing. Various housings: Nowadays, with the development of container houses and the design solutions becoming more and more abundant, many creative hotels, B&B hotels, special villas and other housing will use container containers. Container houses are designed for the environment, with very low standards. Office buildings: As a higher-end prefabricated house, container houses have now become a popular choice for the construction of temporary facilities and office projects. Firstly, it is safer and stronger. Secondly, container houses are more beautiful and elegant, and through simple decoration The design can have a new industrialization and design style. Public facilities: The design of the container house is simple, clean, simple and fast, especially suitable for contemporary urban public supporting facilities. Nowadays, many public telephone booths, newsstands, volunteer service halls and production dispatch stations on the streets of big cities use container houses as their main buildings. With the transformation of contemporary architectural design styles and the pursuit of perfection in independent innovation, many container elements have been introduced into buildings, and their design styles can be fully integrated into buildings to produce unique architectural design styles. We firmly believe that as prefab houses continue to improve and develop, participation in modernist architecture will be even higher.
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hello, this is Guangdong CBOX Co., Limited, the leading provider of high-quality and low-cost prefabricated container houses. We would like to wish you a happy and prosperous new year! As we bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024, we would like to thank you for your support and trust in our products and services. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and help you with your accommodation and office needs. We are proud of our achievements and projects in the past year, and we look forward to bringing you more amazing and innovative solutions in the new year. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy and that you enjoy this festive season. We also hope that the new year will bring you more happiness and success and that we can continue to work together to create a better and more sustainable future. Thank you for choosing CBOX CONTAINER HOUSE, and happy new year!
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  • CBOX wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!

    CBOX wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!

    CBOX Wishes You A Merry Christmas!!! CBOX wishes you a Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy this festive season with your loved ones and stay safe and healthy. Thank you for your support and trust in our container houses. We look forward to serving you better in the new year.
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  • CBOX latest container house project report

    CBOX latest container house project report

    How CBOX Built a Container School in the Philippines in Just 30 Days! Hello, everyone! Welcome to CBOX Container House. Today, we are very excited to introduce you to our latest project: the Philippine Container School! The Philippine Container School is a temporary school that we built for a local community that needed a fast and affordable solution for their education needs. The school is entirely composed of quick-assembly detachable container houses produced by CBOX, which are durable, flexible, and eco-friendly. The production time of the container house is only 15 days, and it took 15 workers 30 days to install it on site. The installation process was very simple and efficient, as the container houses only needed some basic assembly and connection. The container houses are also easy to disassemble and relocate, which makes them ideal for temporary or emergency use. This project uses a total of 42 container houses with an area of 1200 square meters, including school classrooms, canteens, kitchens, public toilets, dormitories with bathrooms, warehouses and self-occupied housing. The design and layout of the container houses can be customized according to the customer's preferences and needs, and a variety of exterior and interior spaces can be created. The container houses are also equipped with insulation, ventilation, lighting, and other facilities to ensure the comfort and safety of the users. The Philippine Container School is a great example of how CBOX can provide high-quality and low-cost container houses for various purposes and scenarios. We are very proud of our work and we hope that the students and teachers of the school will enjoy their new learning environment. If you want to learn more about CBOX and our container houses, please visit our website, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel. We have more amazing projects and products to share with you, so stay tuned! Thank you for watching and see you next time! #detachablecontainerhouse #cbox #cboxcontainerhouse #cboxcontainer #containerhouse #prefabcontainerhouse #prefabcontainer #prefabhouse
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  • Why CBOX container homes often come with prefabricated private bathrooms

    Why CBOX container homes often come with prefabricated private bathrooms

    Why CBOX container homes often come with prefabricated private bathrooms The installation of container houses remains the same. As long as you learn the installation steps, you can quickly complete a standard container house. But what if this is a container house with an internal layout? The video will show how to install a prefabricated private bathroom to match the CBOX container house ☞☞☞For more videos, please feel free to visit CBOX’s YouTube Why is this kind of prefabricated independent bathroom usually paired with container houses? Quick installation: As a movable modular structure, the container house can be combined with prefabricated independent bathroom units to form a complete bathroom facility. This combination can be installed in a shorter time, making it faster and more efficient than traditional building construction. Mobility: The container house itself is mobile and can be easily moved to different locations or sites. By combining prefabricated independent bathrooms with shipping containers, a portable bathroom facility can be created that is suitable for various application scenarios, such as temporary events, construction sites, open-air exhibitions, etc. In addition, container houses can also be stacked and combined as needed to provide larger space. Cost savings: Compared with traditional buildings, prefabricated individual bathrooms combined with containers can significantly reduce construction costs. Prefabricated individual bathroom units are produced in factories, allowing for more efficient production processes and large-scale production, resulting in cost savings. In addition, using containers as the external structure of the bathroom can reduce building material and labor costs. Customizability: The combination of prefabricated independent bathrooms and containers provides a certain degree of design flexibility. Containers can be modified and customized to suit different bathroom layouts and functional needs. At the same time, the design of the prefabricated units can also be customized according to project requirements to meet specific spatial and functional needs. Reusability: The combination of prefabricated independent bathroom and container house has the characteristics of reusability. Once the bathroom facilities need to be replaced or adjusted, the prefabricated individual bathroom units can be easily dismantled and reassembled into new containers to achieve recycling of resources. This combination is suitable for situations where toilet facilities need to be quickly deployed, such as marathon venues, large-scale opening events, commercial streets, etc., and can be used flexibly in different venues and projects.
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  • Exciting Times at CBOX Company as Annual Sports Meeting Kicks Off

    Exciting Times at CBOX Company as Annual Sports Meeting Kicks Off

    Exciting Times at CBOX Company as Annual Sports Meeting Kicks Off In a display of athleticism and team spirit, the annual CBOX sports meeting has commenced once again, bringing together employees from various departments for a thrilling competition. This year's sports meeting promises to be bigger and better than ever before, with a significant increase in the number of participating athletes. Compared to the previous year, the number of athletes has risen by an impressive 50%, resulting in a sizable and highly competitive event. The entire company is buzzing with anticipation as colleagues assemble into teams, ready to showcase their skills and vie for the championship in each sport. With a diverse range of sports on offer, including basketball, frisbee, relay races, and table tennis, the competition is expected to be fierce. Each department has been diligently preparing, and training their athletes to perform at their peak and bring glory to their respective teams. The basketball court promises to witness intense clashes between agile players, showcasing their dribbling skills and shooting prowess. Will the Research and Development team's tall and talented players dominate the court, or will the Sales team surprise everyone with their strategic play? On the frisbee game, teams will battle it out for supremacy, displaying their teamwork and coordination. The Marketing team, known for their creativity and quick thinking, will face stiff competition from the HR team, renowned for their resilience and determination. Meanwhile, on the track, sprinters from different departments will sprint towards the finish line in the relay races. Will the Finance team's lightning-fast runners outrun their competitors, or will the Operations team surprise everyone with their speed and agility? The badminton hall is set to witness thrilling rallies and precision shots. The IT department's tech-savvy players will go head-to-head against the Administration team's calculated moves, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats. As the games progress, the excitement and camaraderie among colleagues continue to grow. The sports meeting not only fosters a sense of healthy competition but also strengthens bonds and promotes teamwork within the company. The ultimate victors are yet to be determined, as the competition unfolds over the coming days. Colleagues eagerly wait to witness the remarkable displays of skill, determination, and sportsmanship from their fellow employees. With the increased participation and enthusiasm at this year's CBOX sports meeting, it is clear that the event has become an integral part of the company's culture, fostering a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. As the championship title in each sport hangs in the balance, all eyes are on the athletes, waiting to see who will emerge victorious and claim the glory for their respective teams. So who will win the championship in each sport? let us wait and see!
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  • Are flat pack container houses widely used in life? Is it common?

    Are flat pack container houses widely used in life? Is it common?

    Are flat pack container houses widely used in life? Is it common? You may be unfamiliar with the term "flat pack container house", but it is still relatively common in people's daily lives, but people don't pay much attention to it. Below, CBOX will show you what container houses are in daily life. where: 1: Security booth Speaking of the word security booth, everyone must have imagined a small space, an air conditioner, and a window. In fact, it is more common for security booths to be flat pack container rooms. For a wider range of applications, security booths do not require much space, but they also need to be protected from wind and rain. The function of external equipment excludes other building materials, and the flat pack container house is suitable for building security booths. 2: Temporary housing During the epidemic, everyone should be very familiar with the term "Fangcang Hospital". The materials used to build the "Vulcan Mountain" and "Leishenshan" Fangcang Hospitals are flat pack container houses. Only flat pack container houses can be used in such a short time. Such a large area of temporary housing was built within a short period of time. 3: Mountainous areas With the in-depth implementation of the national poverty alleviation policy, more and more impoverished mountainous areas have solved the problem of food and clothing. However, in some areas with rugged terrain and inconvenient transportation, there is still a situation where "houses leak and it rains all night". Building a house requires There are a lot of materials, which are very difficult to deliver to some suburbs with inconvenient transportation. Flat pack container houses can solve these problems very well. Using flat pack container houses can not only improve people's living environment but also save construction costs.
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