• Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Happy Mother's Day!!!

    Today is Mother's Day, and beautiful carnations are our warm blessings. I wish all mothers good health, healthy life, well-off life, happiness and well-being! CBOX wish you Happy Mother's Day!!!
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  • Installation about Detachable Container House
    Apr 29,2022.

    Installation about Detachable Container House

    Step 1: Place the bottom frame material on the ground and bolt them together. Step 2: Install the uprights as well as the top frame and bolt them together. Step 3: Install other parts of the subframe, such as the floor frame and floor. Step 4: Install the wall panel. Step 4: Install the door and windows, and gluing the wall panel.
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  • What is Detachable Container House

    What is Detachable Container House

         The size of Detachable Container House is 5950*3000*2800mm, which the all parts are deparate. When we load this type of container house, we will package each parts one by one and set by set, so that 1*40HQ can load 17 units, can help you save many shipping space!      Besides, the installation time of it is very fast, 4 workers can install it in 2~3 hours.
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  • The World Earth Day

    The World Earth Day

         It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment. In order to improve the overall environment of the earth, we recommend that customers use low-carbon and environmentally friendly materials when building temporary buildings or houses.      The construction of the container house does not require the use of concrete, which is a very suitable material for temporary construction. Not only that, all parts will be prefabricated in the factory and can be installed directly after arriving at the destination, which can effectively save installation time and installation costs.
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  • The last day of the New Trade Festival in March
    Mar 31,2022.

    The last day of the New Trade Festival in March

    The last day of the new trade Festival in March, if you place an order today and do the payment, you can still enjoy our discount, please do not hesitate to place an order!  
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  • Happy Women's Day!
    Mar 8,2022.

    Happy Women's Day!

         Happy Women's Day!       At this happy festival, you can have a happy and nice holiday! Enjoy yourself, take easy, and have a rest! Hope you can happy every day, always have a good temper!       Look up to the blue sky, and find the happiness in your life!
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  • New Trade Festival in March

    New Trade Festival in March

    Cbox Folding Flat Pack Container House——new technique of container house, which can be install in 5 minutes. During March, BUY 9 GET 1 FREE!!!
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  • Happy Lantern Festival!

    Happy Lantern Festival!

    And a beautiful moon, and a Chinese Lantern Festival, a period of happiness and time once again sincere congratulations, we CBOX wish you: Troupe round! Sweet sweet honey! the smooth!
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  • Happy Valentine's Day!
    Feb 14,2022.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Today is Feb. 14th, CBOX wish you a happy Valentine's Day!
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  • Good-luck of Beginning

    Good-luck of Beginning

    After the Chinese New Year, we are going to start our production. We're here to wish everyone a wonderful beginning and achieve progress in their careers. Welcome inquiry!
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  • China New Year Holiday
  • Happy New Year!
    Dec 31,2021.

    Happy New Year!

    Forget your sorrows in 2021. Let go of anything that doesn't spark joy and welcome this new year with open arms and bright smiles. Wishing you a wonderful new year that only brings good tidings.  As the world continues to fight the pandemic, Cbox wish for strength and good health for you and your family this new year. 
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