Guangzhou Makeshift Hospital By Modular Container House
Dec 2,2022.

Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited Makeshift Hospital

makeshift container hospital

  • A total of 37,640 square cabin beds in Guangzhou Pazhou Fangcang Hospital have been built, and it took 92 hours.

  • On November 23, after more than 800 construction participants worked hard day and night for 92 hours, Pazhou Fangcang Hospital successfully passed the completion acceptance. Let us see the results of the workers for 92 hours!
shipping container hospital

  • The main body of the shelter hospital is a prefabricated container house, which is mass-produced and saves construction time. It is very suitable for temporary housing such as shelter hospitals, office warehouses, dormitories, mining areas, etc.

  • The biggest feature of prefabricated container houses is that they can be stacked and assembled like building blocks. Usually all accessories are prefabricated and matched in the factory, and the packaged size can save transportation space. After delivery to the destination, workers can remove the various components and install glue seals. Therefore, the effect of waterproof, windproof and heat insulation can be achieved.

container house hospital

  • The size of Each container: 5950*3000*2800mm & 5800*2400*2800mm
  • Installation time: 4 workers + 2~3 hours = 1 house

  • Modular production can saves you costs
makeshift container hospital

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makeshift container hospital

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