CBOX丨Manipur prefabricated houses for 3,000 displaced families
CBOX丨Manipur prefabricated houses for 3,000 displaced families

The state of Manipur in northeastern India has been plagued by ethnic violence since May 3, when a tribal organization held a rally to oppose the recognition of the Mattel community as a predetermined tribe. The clash resulted in the death of 19 people and the displacement of more than 50,000 people from different communities. These people are currently living in 350 relief camps set up in schools, government buildings, and auditoriums, facing harsh conditions and a lack of basic facilities.

To address this humanitarian crisis, the government is planning to construct around 3,000 prefabricated houses in the three valleys of Tubal, Imphaldong, and Bishnupur for the affected people so they can relocate from the overcrowded camps. These prefabricated houses are made of light steel structure as the skeleton and color steel sandwich panel as the wall. They are designed according to the standard modulus and connected with bolts, which allows them to be quickly assembled and disassembled. They are also economical, environmentally friendly, fast and efficient building types that can meet the urgent needs of the displaced population.

Guangdong Cbox Co., Limited(Hereinafter referred to as CBOX Container) is one of the leading suppliers of prefabricated houses in the world. It has rich experience and expertise in providing customized solutions for different scenarios and requirements. CBOX Container can respond quickly and provide customers with professional drawings and production. If customers need it, CBOX Container can also arrange an installation team to provide installation services for customers. CBOX Container has successfully completed many projects in various countries and regions, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, South Africa, etc.

CBOX Container also offers another kind of prefabricated house that uses container houses as the main material. This kind of container house is more durable and long-lasting than the conventional prefabricated house. It can also be used as a hotel operation or a permanent residence. CBOX Container has created many innovative and stylish container houses that can help customers create their dream homes with container houses.

CBOX Container is committed to providing high-quality prefabricated houses that can improve the living conditions and well-being of people around the world. CBOX Container believes that everyone deserves a comfortable and safe home that is connected with nature and customized to their lifestyle and budget. CBOX Container is your best choice for prefabricated houses.
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