The safe tips for container dorms installation on the construction site
Jun 15,2020

Building container dorms made from flat pack container house are becoming more and more common on construction sites. It's generally recognized that it has its natural advantages. Due to its SGS Test Steel Frame structure, it is strong and safe enough to protect from wind resistance of magnitude 11 and anti-seismic of magnitude 8 . Adopting the design of modern container homes , good heat insulation and sound insulation enhance the inside comfort which greatly improves accommodation for the workers.

flat pack container house

container dormitory

In spite of its many advantages,it doesn't mean it is safe under any circumstances.You still need to pay attention to some tiny details during installing flat pack house to avoid building site hazards.

container dormitory office

  • Pay attention to fireproof.

Before purchasing flat pack containers, it is wise to compare different wall panels. You had better choose Rock Wool panel, Glass Wool panel or PU panel rather than EPS panel which is very easy to cause fire. At the same time, increase other fireproofawareness. Electric welding construction should be far away from the wall panel.Fireproofing should be added to the heating equipment in winter.Blowtorches are strictly prohibited on the wall panel.

  • Find the correct strength support points during stacking high storey

Flat pack containers are made of 4 corner columns which are the strength support points for the entire house. Be sure to align the 4 corner columns when stacking high storey. If you want to creatively stack to change the shape of the house, you can weld the steel structure with the corner columns to transfer the strength support points. In addition, don’t stack over 3 storey or combine with shipping container house. Seen from the appearance, flat pack containers look like 20ft shipping container but it is not. The column thickness of flat pack house is 3.0 mm, which is thinner than shipping container. If you want to extend the space, you can combine several of them together from its width or length.

flat pack container structure

  • Reasonably layout the drainage and sewage pipes

When you layout the drainage and sewage pipes , don’t  punch holes through the bottom bean of floor to place the pipes, which would damage the bean and even affect the ground support. Under excessive pressure from a long time, the floor will be uneven. You had better punch a hole from the wall panel to layout the piles .

  • Fix your flat pack buildings.

Before installing flat pack house, it needs to lay the foundation. What’s more, flat pack buildings are lighter than the concrete buildings, it is necessary to consider your local natural environment ,especially in coastal cities and add fixing devices at the bottom when the strong wind is over magnitude 12.

Regardless of any industry, safety should be the first element, and the flat pack container house produced by suppliers should also emphasis high quality. In short, it is important for construction project managers to properly install flat pack house and provide safe dorms for workers.

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